Industry leaders in finance recovery and recovery consulting.

We are a full service global investigation firm that specializes in financial recovery. The experts we work with have yet to fail a case using the intelligence we provide and implement.

We also recover lost funds and money from binary options.

We specialize in debt collection from companies and other fraud entities. Don’t let your hard-earned cash go to the scammers- contact our team of international investigators for a consultation today. We work with a network of international lawyers experienced in fighting financial fraud who will prove your claim and help you recover lost funds.

Recovery your money

We support you throughout the entire stages of your money refund process .We have a dedicated team of client relation coordinators assisting you every step of the way. Enabling us to effectively go for fraudsters and recover investors’ funds

Claims assessment

We have the ability to analyze your refund claim and give strategy on the best way to recover your lost money/asset .using our in-house resources and partner ghost organizations or utilizing out network of freelance international investigators.

Reveal the truth

Wegetrefunds has an intelligence gathering team that has the ability to track down any underground fraudulent information about unregulated binary options firms, cryptocurrency trade & investment fraud , forex fraud, fake oil and gas trades, and Ponzi schemes , online dating fraud in about 127 countries around the world.

Bitcoin Scam Recovery

Forex fraud is never easy to identify. If you are looking for forex fraud refund lawyers, Weget Refunds is certainly the best place to stop by. We are providing legal advice on a forex refund. We have a team of specialized lawyers that understands your needs well and give you the best advice on all the legal matters of forex exchange. Our Bitcoin Scam Recovery lawyer has considerable impressive experience in helping people in saving their hard-earned money. They will investigate the matter and bring you the best advice that actually works.

Cryptocurrency Exchange Complaints

If you are in the search of the best cryptocurrency fraud lawyer, you can count on us and meet your lawyer to resolve all your legal matters. Our process of working is quite simple and we use an effective approach to assure that your forex-related matters will be resolved in no time. Whether it is about the recovery of lost funds or other legal matters, you can easily overcome the situations by taking benefits from our legal advice. Our main approach is to take your case seriously and examine the situation to find effective solutions in no time. Moreover, we bring you the best possible approach to help with your cryptocurrency exchange complaints. Now, stay relaxed and connect with our professional lawyers to find the right solutions immediately.

You have Rights – We can help you Fight!

If you do qualify – which is likely if you’ve been scammed, they can quickly ascertain if any fees could apply to your case. They’ve seen it all before – as they’ve dealt with 1000s of cases. As mentioned before, if you feel as if you were scammed online out of your hard earned money, a chargeback might be your best option.

Is your case eligible for a chargeback process?

Depending on the details of your case (which could include communications, terms & conditions, documents you signed, etc.), our partner would contact you and confirm that your case is eligible and qualifies for a chargeback process. It’s a complicated process  and it could take a few months to complete. Hopefully, all of the funds will return to your account based on the transaction disputes your bank should process.

We pursue these types of Scams

These scams are the most common types scams people experience
  • Advance Fee Inheritance Scams
  • Work From Home Scams
  • Bank Scams
  • Binary Options Scams
  • Carbon Credit Trading Scams
  • CFD Scams
  • Charity Scams
  • Credit Card Skimming Scams
  • Cryptocurrency Scams
  • Dating Scams
  • Diamond Scams
  • Early Pension Release Scams
  • Forex Scams
  • Fortune Telling Scams
  • Gambling & Casino Scams
  • Insurance & Warranty Scams
  • Lottery Prize Scams
  • Land Bank Investment Scams
  • Loan Fee Scams
  • Travel Prize Scams
  • Parking Ticket Scams
  • Ponzi Schemes Scams
  • Rare Metal Scams
  • Real Estate Scams
  • Share And Bond Scams
  • Student Loan Scams
  • Small Business Scams
  • Unregulated Investment Scams

let us help you.

We help fight company debt by pursuing invoices and from unregulated and fraudulent high risk binary options firms who swindle people out of hard earned money.

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