Frequently asked questions

We prepare a formal demand for either the insolvency or bankruptcy legislation and instruct court officers to serve it on your debtor. If there is no denial within 7 days after service, we can start insolvency proceedings – meaning your recoveries will be maximised in minimal time. 


How does Wegetrefunds proceed?

First you file a claim on our website, then our in house claims lawyers and analyst assess your claim. We utilize business intelligence to assess the institution in question a course of action will be decided and our lawyers or outside contacts will proceed.   

What will We Get Refunds do for me?

Here at We Get Refunds we know that claims recovery  can be a very lengthy and difficult process but we try to streamline the whole process. Giving you a professional and experienced point of contact with world wide. 

What type of clients does We Get Refunds accept?

Clients all over the world are accepted but for a few countries. These countries have in place restrictions that does not allow us to conduct our business. Geopolitical issues and restrictions do not permit us to process claims in Afghanistan and Pakistan.  

What locations are claims fought for?

Our offices are located in Hong Kong, New York and in Tel Aviv. But most binary option cases and operations are located in Tel Aviv hence the office in that location, the state of Israel has abolished binary options and so most operators of binary options are relocating oversees. We close contact with effective lawyers there to ensure full recovery.

How long does claim recovery take?

It depends on the circumstances surrounding the claim, it can take any where form a fews days to a couple of years. 

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